Main Features

  • Standard – Pallet feeder with the possibility to adjust the speed of the pallet feeder (slow start) – Electro / Frequency regulator
  • Standard – Face mix silo and base mix silo on machine
  • Standard – Base mix filler box pneumatic scraper for concrete residue
  • Standard – Face mix filler box scraper for concrete residue
  • Standard – Agitator with hydraulic drive-in base mix filler box – rotation device in filler box, with 3 shafts, to decrease mold filling time (removable)
  • Standard – Wear plates HARDOX – below face mix filler box
  • Standard – Wear plates HARDOX – below base mix filler box
  • Standard – “VARIOFLEX” vibration technology + Knocking bars, synchronized, frequency controlled – 4 weights (4 x 7.5kW engine)
  • Standard – Automatic control unit for high productivity and faster cycle production (PLC and touch screen panel, high performance hydraulic power pack with two pumps, electromagnetic valves, safety sensors).
  • Standard – Tamper head vibration
  • Standard – Face mix filler box brush (tamper head cleaning)
  • Standard – Base mix filler box brush (tamper head cleaning)
  • Standard – Electric Vertical adjustment table plate and hoppers for base mix and face mix, when producing concrete product with different heights.
  • Standard – Precise concrete product height control with 4 guides of mold
  • Standard – Mold clamping, pneumatic (enables faster lower mold change and better vibration absorption) – without bolts.
  • Standard – Hydraulic cooler
  • Standard – Electrical opening face mix hopper when mold changing or for maintenance purposes.
  • Standard – Modem link to “METALIKA” technical service sector (internet connection)
  • Standard – Tamper head clamping, hydraulic, with mold cart (enables faster mold change) – without bolts.
  • Standard – Face mix concrete filler box roller
  • Standard – Proportional valves with frequency reg. – on base mix filler box and face mix filler box to increase speed and durability by enabling smooth movement of concrete filler box.
  • Standard – Pneumatic board stopper on vibration table
  • Option – Color Mix device for face mix
  • Option – Color Mix device for base mix
  • Option – Cross Cleaner device for tamper head

Technical data

  • Board size 1400 x 900 mm
  • Useful mold area 1320 x 850 mm
  • Maximum useful mold surface 1m2 in one print (20x20cm)
  • Minimum product height 25 mm
  • Maximum product height 400 mm / 350 mm curbstones
  • Installed power 85kW
  • Voltage (V) 3×400
  • Weight 25.000 kg
  • Control Automatic
  • Vibration technology “VARIOFLEX” METALIKA
  • Electric motors (Vibration table) “LENZE” (IE3 type) *The highest class of efficiency in electric motor consumption



  • Pavers 10x20cm (without face mix concrete): 1.695 m2
  • Pavers 10x20cm (with face mix concrete): 1.440 m2
  • Hollow block (Hollow blocks) 20x20x40cm: 17.280 blocks


All capacities are calculated as maximum – 100% efficiency for 8 hours of operation. When calculating the real production capacities, it is necessary to take into account the actual efficiency factor, which is approximately 80%, due to other factors that can affect productivity, such as: concrete (recipe of concrete), effective work of workers (with breaks), delivery of concrete in vibropress, concrete product design, mold features, production pallet-pad features, settings on the vibropress.



  • Pavers 10 x 20 (H-6cm): 20 seconds
  • Pavers 10 x 20 (H-6cm): 17 seconds
  • Hollow block 20x20x40cm: 20 seconds

  • RVP-5000 High level capacity concrete block making machine have wide range in manufacturing concrete products.
  • RVP-5000 Block machine can produce all types of concrete blocks (hollow blocks, solid blocks, hourdi blocks, eco blocks, chimney blocks, pavers, bricks, curbstones, channels, grass pavers, splitted blocks, multi color paving stones and other special concrete products.

Download RVP 5000 Brochure



RVP-5000/1 is high level capacity automatic single layer block machine with the possibility of upgrading to be double layer RVP-5000 in future.
“METALIKA” has evolved in the design and manufacturing machines for the production of concrete blocks, upgrading our single-layer vibropress is possible without modifications.
These configuration of vibropress is popular for customers who want to focus only on concrete block production.