In addition to the quality of the equipment for the production of concrete products, a quick response for service assistance is important to every customer in order to avoid losses due to the production of concrete products.


Our service sector is led by a team of engineers within the factory, a mechanical engineer will listen to the customer and, if possible, immediately solve the reason for the downtime. In the event that a breakdown occurred due to unprofessional handling of the equipment, we send a service team immediately or within 48 hours (if the location is more than 500 km away).


After a certain number of working hours, customer have in manual instructions list of spare parts that need to be changed, also when is necessary to come our service team to inspect and change spare parts which experience require. Service intervals are important, as well spare parts that need to be replaced so that the equipment for the production of concrete products has a longer service life and so that there are no unforeseen stops in production due to non-maintenance of equipment.


We have a large stock of spare parts in the warehouse inside the “METALIKA” factory. After ordering, the spare parts are sent by express mail or by other means of transport to the customer on the same day.