Compact and mobile concrete mixing plants

Main Features

  • Concrete mixer is PLANETARY type MP-450 produced by METALIKA (450L / 0.225m3)
  • Scale for aggregate and cement (above mixer)
  • Hydraulic for door opening (automatic)
  • Automatic operation mode (PLC with touch screen panel)
  • Snail cement transporter
  • Hopper for material storage 1,2,3 or 4 hoppers

Technical data

  • Mixers geometrical volume 450l
  • Mixing volume – output 225l
  • Aggregate and cement scale Yes, above mixer
  • Automatic operation Yes (PLC)
  • Door opening Hydraulic
  • Drive Hydraulic
  • Capacity (maximum output) 8 m3/h


Option equipment

  • Humidity sensors
  • SCADA + PC and printing option
  • Automatic washing system for concrete mixer
  • Automatic dosing equipment for one/two liquid admixture
  • Automatic dosing equipment for one/three powder color or other powder material
  • Vertical cement silo

Download MBT-450V Brochure