Main parts on concrete pipe machine

  • Main hydraulic cylinder stand
  • Hydraulic cylinder with core bearer
  • Core with vibrators (vibration technology intellectual property of “METALIKA”)
  • Chassis with steel plate
  • PLC with touch screen panel and command cabinet (at AUTOMATIC version of C-1200)

Main Features

  • Concrete pipe diameter from 200mm up to 1200mm
  • Concrete pipe height maximum: 1 meter
  • Installed power: 25 kW / 380 V
  • Simultaneously maximum: 15 kW
  • Semi-Automatic working mode / Automatic working mode

Concrete pipe height 1 meter capacity for 8 hours work

  • 300mm diameter = 150 concrete pipes
  • 400mm diameter = 150 concrete pipes
  • 500mm diameter = 120 concrete pipes
  • 600mm diameter = 90 concrete pipes
  • 800mm diameter = 60 concrete pipes
  • 1.000mm diameter = 50 concrete pipes
  • 1.200mm diameter = 40 concrete pipes

All capacities are calculated as maximum – 100% efficiency for 8 hours of operation. When calculating the real production capacities, it is necessary to take into account the actual efficiency factor, which is approximately 80%, due to other factors that can affect productivity, such as: concrete (recipe of concrete), effective work of workers (with breaks), delivery of concrete in vibropress, concrete product design, mold features, production pallet-pad features, settings on the vibropress.

Useful information

  • Space required for machine C-1200…………………………… 70m2
  • Storage place for ring pads and molds…………………….10m2
  • 45pcs concrete pipes diameter 1000mm…………. 60m2
  • Concrete pipes need to cure 48 hours before removing ring pad.
  • Concrete base dimensions: 4100 x 3470 x 2150
  • Forming head height: 1500 mm

Download C-1200 Brochure