Curing chamber for concrete products

Curing chamber for concrete products

Concrete product manufacturer who wants to have first-class quality of concrete products, in addition to classic concrete product production, they must take care of the concrete maturation process.


Curing chamber serves to harden concrete products without rapid water loss. The result and benefit of using the chamber is the high quality of the concrete product, the high density of the concrete, the high strength of the concrete product, there is no cracking and flowering of the concrete, the color is consistent and long-lasting, the edges and corners are solid, the concrete is highly resistant to wear.


METALIKA provide and design several options of curing chambers for concrete products, on customer request.


Curing chamber for concrete products consists galvanized racks with rails for Finger Car system, sandwich panels, special Rolo-doors for each chamber with isolation to save temperature inside of the curing chamber, air heating system with temperature control, ventilation.


Curing chambers reduce temperature and moister loss, as well as curing costs during concrete product manufacturing.